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Advantages of Affiliation

Join Grace House CounselingAffiliating with Grace House as either a full-time or part-time counselor will allow us to help you build your practice. As a licensed mental health professional, you are an independent contractor and Grace House does not involve itself in the conduct of your business, except to help you grow.

The financial arrangements between you and Grace House are based on a percentage of your fees. One great advantage about affiliating with Grace House is that you can expand or limit your practice without any outlay of funds for furniture or other supplies.

The following is a list of benefits of working with us at Grace House:

  • Opportunity to practice with other believers in a Christ-based work environment
  • Use of office space and furniture
  • Telephone service
  • Fax service
  • Receptionist to handle your calls, cancellations and greet your clients
  • Liability insurance on common property
  • Internet advertising
  • Reminder calls to your clients
  • Secure on-site storage space for your records
  • Preparation and supply of record jackets, forms and other office supplies
  • WiFi accessibility
  • Use of copy machine
  • Recap of monthly client schedule and fees for your records
  • Yearly recap of fees
  • Use of credit card fee-collection machine
  • Opportunity to build a profitable counseling practice that meets your own pace and schedule